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The official McClintock Chargers Wrestling website. McClintock high school is full of Great Wrestling tradition. The Charger Wrestling team is working hard to honor those great past charger wrestlers and pave the way for those that will follow. 

Go Big Red!!!!

Weight Certification

At the beginning of every wrestling season all wrestlers must get weight certified before being allowed to compete in a wrestling match. This is a process of checking the wrestler is properly hydrated, height, current weight and body fat percentage. This information is imputed and a calculated weight loss profile is created establishing what weight classes each wrestler can participate in. The Charger Wrestler's Weight certification has been set for Tuesday November 14th, 2017 at 2:30 pm. ALL wrestlers will get certified before practice. The certification will be done in the trainers area. Everyone will urinate in a cup to have hydration level checked, Height recorded, Weigh-in will be done